Brand-new real mean devices are in the house I ate well and you probably notice his extras over here so if you want a shot at winning one of these makes it a hit that subscribe button real quick. I so Pro and now bro targeting the value from money market coming in around 200 and $250.

We are talking about. Oh my goodness and listen to the spec sheet okay how about on a Pro model 108 Mb ultra quiet camera Samsung HM two sensor O, how about 50 W super dark charging and get your 50% battery in 17 minutes at battery.

By the way, 4500 mA hours inside a package here. You saw they give you case to kick it off this color on the Pro model is called infinite blue checked the gradient and check the texture.

real me pro

This is going to turn some heads for sure. Immediately they caught my attention had me gasping, I was like whoa that thing is bold says dear to leap on the side there you see the camera module up top you got your buttons and is a headphone jack actually built in the case exists to give you little protection right out of the box.

If that’s important to you and this is that power brick 50 W super dart on a device targeted around 250 equivalent US dollars courses. He was BC cable in as well. Now let’s take our first glimpse at the standard eight model non-pronoun this one.

What are they calling this color is this I do remember it’s like a mirror finish. It’s like a silver refinish. This is a popular call you Cenestin pop up on a lot of smart phones these days and soda as it reflects light.

It has a rainbow kind of thing going on others. Once a bit different 64 megapixel camera 30 W start charge which is actually pretty good as well at the $200 price .26 minutes to get your 50% charged NSF 5000 mbar Badgley did this in the past where they take the actual more affordable model and then they put an even bigger battery, and that one so 5000 mA hours on the real me.

Eight compared to 4500 on the Pro model right so now you also saw the illuminating yellow color of the Pro model and were going to check out the black color for the non-broker selects four different options you can also get black for the Pro model. If you choose listening.

A closer look at is no doubt these are flashy phone. As I said earlier they are meant to turn heads. There is a youthful target here which is obvious to me with these bold colors and is textured finish and of course the statement on the back.

This has an in display fingerprint sensor as you can see here is quick. The Pro model features a Qualcomm snapdragon 720 G, whereas the non-Pro is a MediaTek Helio G 95 star as it displays concerned the Pro model 6.4 inch super ammo led full-screen or calling course you have a hole punch up at the top and it’s a 6.4 inch super ammo that actually on the non-Pro model as well.

May I love it when you plug in a fast charger and you get to watch your battery go up in real time. This is a very rewarding experience.

Super dart and I write charge supercar and insist you watch hello in real time and it is so intent are let’s take a closer peek at the camera set up over here on the Pro model 108 megapixel capable in your module looks very similar course you can notice the difference if you read the heading on the non-Pro it says 64 megapixel instead of five.

Camera versatility is concerned, we kick it off with the ultra wide move up to the 1X is a little bit of resume three acts last up to 5X moving you even closer. In this case that I can Turbo S hundred and eight megapixels.

If you need a boatload of pixels as an organic apple in my hand by way you’ve also got macro built-in everyone get close and there’s gotta be a night mode in 2021 so you have one here as well. If you want take things to another level.

You could trigger the raw mode and go into essentially a pro set of settings is also poker built into video, not just photo portrait effect in courses also video stabilization built in or to ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. The real me. Eight and eight Pro some bold colors to choose from with a statement on the back dared to leap. Remember that a couple extras don’t get hit that subscribe button