Latest gaming phone from red magic and as usual, we have a bunch of the giveaway as well. In fact, there is six units in total for your chance to win just your Twitter handle in the comments below and somebody’s six will be selected at random.

What is special about this device 00. How about 165 hertz display. I believe it is the first is my first exposure to that level of refresh, which of course this is exciting for gamers. People want the tightest fastest input.

Actually, the touch sampling is five hundred hertz on the touch refresh rate which is pretty wild about a couple of other items in front of me. This is the dual core cooler.

red magic 6

This is a cooling device that fits onto the smart phone to keep it cool during those extended gaming sessions and then there’s also a wireless gaming earbud which is included as well in my in my set up over here so I first up we have so many bones competing for that Champion status at the moment and read magic is coming in with an impressive spec sheet itself and just like in the past we have this kind of gamer aesthetic on the exterior of the box.

Alright, so here is the phone first and foremost, and let me just peel that out real quick so this is a beast.

Obviously, the scale of it. That’s kind of the purpose with these gaming phones is all about multimedia it’s all about gaming and so you’re gonna spend a lot of time in landscape mode.

Here you can get a sense for those trigger buttons as well and was kinda nice here. There’s a spot for you to rest your finger without actually activating the trigger button shoulder button itself so you kinda leave your finger up here and then tap on demand.

Those are touch-based buttons here you can see the fan as well as your power switching out location there. We have a headphone jack which this is not a thing of finding on every gaming phone sometimes you need to use an adapter.

Certainly people who play in any competitive manner. Why have a wired headset in their volume rocker on the other side another grill for the fan and then we have this dedicated gaming switch in red which is textured, which will send you into the game specific mode of the device on the bottom USB type C connector speaker unit and also your Sim tray.

Another thing I’m noticing here is that we have this kind of special carved aspect to the frame so it kind of like dives in a little bit here and it just II guess when you’re holding it kinda gives you a little bit more feedback for your finger for grip which is kind of cool.

That’s an interesting thought. Further, vice can see your front facing camera over there and then on the rear.

You obviously find out quickly that you’re dealing with the gaming phones read magic identifier in the center.

Powered by Nubia you have some RGB elements like that. The flash cut out is actually a triangle here is your camera module.

Now of course it has to have a camera. It is a smart phone. After all, but the main focus here is on the gaming as you’re well aware, and another thing to note this $0.10 games logo that’s gonna be specific to the Chinese variant of this device.

So if you buy the global version, you will not have that logo there. Let’s see which power brick I have here for mine so I got the 30 W power brick in the package here, but as mentioned earlier, it can handle up to 66 W for fast charge which this is stuff you kinda want to know on these phones.

After all, there’s a lot of power consumption. We gaming and they have big batteries in them like were talking about 5050 Mill Ave. our battery in their so if you’re not fast charging then take a real long time to fill it up and look at that.

The type C cable in black and red, which kinda brings through the whole aesthetic here with the gaming in their logo. They have a black and red thing going on.

Last up we have a little bit of paperwork and a Sim tool also included in the pack so they call it the red magic dual core cooler. I have experimented with their coolers in the past on the previous generation and I was surprised to see that it actually had the fact I was curious about these things I how effective it would be what does a little bit more that goes into them.

So a lot of it does depend on the layout of the phone to begin with and how optimized it is to interact with the cooler stars a contact point is being made, but as you can tell it’s a spring-loaded attachment like this and is a dual fan set up over here.

Where is this getting power so it’s a type C connector down at the bottom seal. This goes I fit in here like this spring-loaded down to the bottom that something like this right here and then your type C cable is benefiting here.

Actually, they give you another one. So let’s see if there’s anything special about this one. So you end up with two cooler will give you one and you get one with the phone so you keep this for charging this one on the other hand is going to fit into here and then into the phone and you can see immediately the RGB lights up and the fans begin to spin better is going to be some audio that comes with it.

What you should really here, here, but it’s fairly subtle so what’s the advantage of keeping the device cool wise cooling import on a gaming phone will gaming obviously heats up the device.

If your device gets too hot. Then it will actually start to throttle the performance in game so the goal here is to keep the temperature down so you can maintain performance even in those longer sessions.

I believe this is the first time they’ve done this or I don’t. I can’t remember if I’ve been sent earbuds in the past from red magic, but they’ve gone ahead here and included the TWX gaming earbud.

I see that it says Bluetooth 5.0 also says low latency so they’ve considered it as a gaming headset 20 hour battery life.

You can tell that the case here has very similar styling to the branding writing made it aggressive and stealth like with angles on it, a type C connector on the back. This door opens up.

We have some lights on the inside and these are the earbuds so it actually has ear hook on it as well. For security purposes, so it’s like the tip and then this portion which fits fits into the cartilage of your ear.

I don’t know if these also light up see. So that’s what they look like when you’re charging up is close that down now.

There are other ear tips included. As you can see, so there’s a replacement pair over there and then you also have a type C tiny will type C cable to charge up the whole package to list the specs.

First, a reminder, 165 Hz display 6.8 change in life that’s been pretty smooth 500 Hz touches sampling for your input snapdragon triple pane with dual-mode 5G so Ross is probably 12 400 her shoulder trigger button so he gaming phone blessing Matt about different sections for your trigger imparts obvious on screen around 15 can improve your gameplay 5000 mg hour battery in 266 block charging other charter that I have in this blog. 31.

In the event of what region you’re in which charger you get the package out. Never you’re able to charge up to 66 W on a fast charge as many features gamer centric include little bit of art lighting couple different animations for fingerprints on locker in there as well.

The resolution is only 2400 x 10 and aspect ratios .99 Pamela display with 630 max brightness when it comes time to advising holy charge and you’re seeing inside of the RGB.

This is the new red magic 5G young boxing experience. My goodness cyborg status over here down there.

So if you’re wondering about the women into thinking for megapixels on main cameras you can shoot video of the K at 30 frames per second Ward higher frame rates are also slow-motion building so you got cameras but that’s not really important focus here ON my Windows headphones yeti
up as well. Not just the case all you hear is about done 4000 mm² for specifics so clipping on the cooling fan is pretty simple.

It is spring-loaded. As I mentioned previously, the little tiny cut out on each side so that doesn’t accidentally press the buttons that are in area where you have cars powering it.

You can power from the moment you can also power and independently. If you prefer boom game mode enabled, you can hear the fan kick up which is key out so loud as well as speakers.

She is one of those games where you can actually utilize higher frame rate then something like 60 a lot of games a lot that 60 max. Some of them are even 30, which is not great for a gaming phone but let’s check out his game right here mean is, is pulling like 140 FPS on a display.

This one, 65 Hz capable so it is absolutely butter when you sit in front of it video you’re watching really displaying equipment, but then again were shooting the video 30 frames so you not been a really appreciate is the kind the yes in front of by phone have made some major concern and therefore the immersion into it again because it has so there you have any latest entry into the gaming smart phone wars. This is the new red