We are going to have a showdown of the two most popular flagship devices on planet Earth bases be brand-new as 21 all drop from Samsung has altar in the name so you know it’s gotta be good.

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iphone vs galaxy pro

Also, I should mention we have later cases for both of these devices. Both flagships fully covered.

I sent both Moe and Kirk out with one of these rakes. One of these things right here and they placed one of each flagship in this unit and went into the wilderness for some reason in order to test each of these two flagship level cameras without me knowing which is which.

That’s why I have a video right here of it may be of both of these devices and I’m in a have to try to tell the difference. Not knowing which is which. I’m going to examine each frame attempting to distinguish the attributes that I like on each of the two camera Samsung went from massive sensor hundred and eight megapixels else of the periscope style zoom.

So yes to some features on the side that are not exactly. Here however the iPhone approach is to have a lower megapixel count and to do more work. I suppose after the fact with the neural processing and all the rest of it.

We have tons of RAM up to 16 GB inside of the ultra high-end model 512 gigs of storage. So that’s comparable across the two have a slightly bigger display on the Samsung side 6.8 inches versus 6.7 and it’s a slightly better screen to body ratio as well.

IP rating is the same across both but the Samsung device does have a much larger battery, at least on paper on the iPhone side you have arguably the best processor in a smart phone at the moment in apples latest 1/14 and then over the Samsung side we have the latest snapdragon that’s the AAA.

So without further ado let’s get into the video to watch along with me and were going to discover the differences between yes 21 ultra and in the iPhone 12 Pro Max were released in a try to see if we can tell the difference. First up we have the ultra wide shots and immediately we see a significant difference.

We have way more black on the image on the left definitely more contrast and a shift towards blue cooler tone definitely warmer on the right. I already have. My inclination is that which is which.

I think the important thing about this test since you’re playing along is to know that each phone is going to stay on the same side the whole time, to which ever way your brain is trending then keep that in mind as you attempt to be a detective here exposure any definitely the right hand side is trying to keep the shadows up to maintain some level of detail. Both images are nice.

I think either is acceptable, even in the foreground here on the log on the snow. I feel like I’m getting a little more detail on the image on the left, keep going here okay right next up we have the wide image here.

It’s a similar type of frame. Now the right image has added a little bit of blue in the snow so it has interpreted this frame a little differently. If you look at the jacket that Kirk is wearing their it’s certainly darker and more black and more contrasty on the left-hand side.

Here we go with telephoto so this photo is around three exhume. It’s the first tap on the zoom. This white on the left looks more accurate and is more detail in the jacket is quite interesting, let’s let’s proceed now into the video for K 30 FPS now here were going to be looking at a couple things obviously exposure, but that’s a good test.

I guess it looks quite a bit different. The right one remains a little smoother for your fall. The green is more saturated on image on the left is more muted in image on the right.

However, I’ve seen this jacket in real life and I feel like the right one is probably a little more accurate than the left. But it’s subtle. It’s a subtle difference does it fit really nice for Kate video and even without the extra stabilization turned on.

Okay, now the right one is far more stable than the left and this is what just default settings on the video mode. I see flickering in the snow a little bit. There’s an exposure thing happening where the exposure is shifting a little bit struggling a little bit for K 60 FPS oh wow.

So what’s interesting here is the footprints in the snow on the left-hand side. It’s tremendously more detail where it’s a little bit blown out on the right or at least tougher to pick up all the details in the snow. The left one just looks a lot higher resolution.

I mean, I know that there both for K but it just seems I don’t know if there’s some sharpening added there or if it’s an exposure choice that’s happening automatically in the camera, but certainly the left one is resolving a lot more detail, but I’m still getting a little weird flickering thing as the pan takes place in the right image still has a greater smoothness to it.

Now this is where I’m starting to figure out which is which. Because I’m seeing what it’s doing with Kirk’s complexion like these are quite a bit different. These approaches, he has a lot more color in the image on the left and he’s a lot more pale in image on the right wow that’s a much different approach here now.

Now I’m now I’m a bit screwed up. Now I am a bit screwed up. I’m the only one in here, by the way, that doesn’t know which is which. But an interesting here we get a sense for the depth of field as the focus shifts to the bar and this is good for an autofocus test as well.

Wound close focusing test and interesting. The camera on the right for sure can focus closer. They both can focus pretty close but the cavern of right focus closer who were in checkouts in portrait mode.

Now the skin tone the skin colors. It’s a there’s a little more yellow on the left and a little more pink on the right and you focus fall off around the head and this is not for a not particularly easy because of all the branches and stuff and actually notice the little segment around it.

The year on the photo on the right, where maybe it didn’t grab it in a little section near the jacket as well where it kinda screwed up the portrait mode ever so slightly. Yeah, I think the last one probably nailed it a little bit better it’s boat.

Both are nice images in different ways. Here we have both version will. The question is which is the better image. It depends what you’re looking for.

If you really like crushed Blacks if you like that really dark black color the camera and the left almost never gives it to you On the right brings you there immediately. It’s tough. It’s a lot of this is his personal taste that the left does have more detail does have more detail in the skin lowlight while, I mean the image on the left shirt look at the Neu and stuff on image on the right mean this is so noisy.

The image on the right. The image on the left with slow motion so it’s 240 FPS 1080 is interesting things that are happening to exposure here in the indoor environment, especially around color temperature.

All this is an interesting clip the clip on the left is really struggling with the exposure it has blown out his and the wall is nowhere near black. It’s very gray so that some guesswork going on there.

The right hand side is a lot more to life here. While this this is a tough challenge right here. Close focus. Oh, so the one on the right has like basically macro that’s on the main camera dollar bill is touching the phone while super close focus tremendous deed.

I guess the photo on the left is the same range, but it’s picking up the grass in the background because he can’t focus quite so close autofocus that is was kind of that there was an autofocus issue sort of plaguing the previous generation ultra looks like it’s not there anymore thing the autofocus is acceptable in both of these.

At this point the officer the left one. The approaches of a slower transition between focus points which some may prefer, it’s a more action -like type of footage on the on the right-hand side snapped into focus faster.

It’s hard. I mean, in certain circumstances. I preferred was happening on the left and certain circumstance.

I prefer was happy to write all this is harder than I expected it to be. To be honest, I went back and forth to go ahead and guess that the left is the Samsung in the right as the iPhone. The left is the iPhone in the.

The right is the Samsung you sure we dissected the iPhone is on the left. The Samsung is on the right will how interesting this is really interesting. I feel one thing that kind of surprised me is how close these have become, and the fact that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to tell the difference between the two, at least immediately, the portrait mode maybe should have been a giveaway for me that I went once I saw the complexions I saw that sort of yellow wish more yellowish you and the skin tones.

I probably should’ve said okay that’s gotta be the iPhone but the thing that threw me off was the struggling, the exposure struggling on the snow. I was like that’s gotta be the new phone with the new software because I had autofocus issues with the last generation.

The ultras like maybe that maybe there some sort of software problem or update necessary because that looks really bad to play yeah it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I guess maybe that’s to be expected when you’re talking about two leaders in the segment this you know what this type of price point.

But I guess I kind of expected the iPhone to do a little bit. Maybe if I had to post this picture immediately.

I will pick the one on the left. The wide here. I think I still take the iPhone photo to that one is tough only reason I’m gonna give it to the iPhone again is because of the snow being what I perceive to be the color of the snow in the Samsung going blue.

Our first video that we are here then because here he falls and Samsung device is super stable. I maybe just the way you fell and then you look at this frame here with him, laughing, and the face is just so much more detail on the right-hand side I meditate in this video clip on the take this one really surprises me this case the iPhone looks a little less natural in the coat color which I’ve seen in real life summit take the Samsung one year as well is 4030.

Another running one is really what screwed me up. The iPhone is just going nuts trying to figure out exposure and so much so that it would be distracting to have that in your clip and also in the default stabilization mode that there there are more stabilization modes on the Samsung.

The right is a just a more pleasing, smoother movement or case 60 FPS we have blue snow from the Samsung device again but I can’t except the flickering I’m taking the Samsung again taking a Samsung again. It feels like photo mode is going to the iPhone in video mode is going because now I’m into portrait mode and I remember that the iPhone was the superior one there as well.

So I give portrait the iPhone night mode iPhone winds slow motion. The hand is blown out and said not just not good looking. Getting the Samsung Slovo here looks way better close focus.

We are to cover. This is not even close goes to the ultra model and an autofocus where I expected the iPhone to kill the Samsung is tight now. I think most of again appreciate just cast find the focus fast so I give that to As Well.

In That Exact Circumstance and Then Samsung Gets the Bonus Because It Has the Extra Cameras Attend Next to Me, That’s Ridiculous. That Is a Really Usable 10 Access Optical Tax 100 X Is Obviously the Software Coming into Play Here You Have It.

If You Want to. I Do Know You Weirdo and Then It in Any Can Shoot in a Cave Wall Begin Shooting a Take 24 Frames and That Is Cinematic. The Snow Is Still Blue by ESF Somewhere.

I Think the IPhone One the Photo Compartment. Just As an Overall Package for What I Do and How I Use My Camera. I’m in a Go with ES 21 Ultra They Are Both Fantastic, Though I Did Just Be Shooting This Caliber of Content off of the Smart Phone but Yeah I Mean Tough Choice You Saw.

I Even Had the Two Devices Wrong Is a Tough Match the Tough Battle. It’s a Split Decision so That You Have a Camera Showdown Complete As 21 Ultra Versus IPhone 12 Pro Max Was Kind of Fun Way to Do It Really Test Yourself What You See and What You’re Looking for, and Even to Just Figure out What You like in an Image or inside of Video, so Hopefully You Had Fun Taking Part and Guessing Yourself.

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