So here it is the flagship device is from 1+1+9 in the 1+940 first collaboration between one plus and Hasselblad and as you tell right away in his own boxing experience.

They are very proud of it, showcasing spaceman here and of course a classic photo taken professional Hasselblad camera. Once upon a time, of course, you can’t pack an enormous medium format camera into a smart phone, but hopefully you can take a few pointers from a Pro camera company and apparently this collaboration led to some tweaking around colors and saturation.

one plus 9

So why don’t we check it out in his video got a couple sampling here Fazio boxing goes can see there are some first party cases included in the media kit boxing. I’m also going to have later cases for both the one +9 and nine programming going to.

I have their here right now actually click the link in the description or wait till further in his video, I give you a look at a brand-new color. Also, if you’re looking for some charging is a big deal for one plus and other manufacturers.

In 2021 and is gotta be fast right so that’s what this wireless charger does 50 W wireless charging is going to charge your entire phone in like 43 minutes and if you have the wire available.

That’s 65 W charging and is going to charge the whole thing up even faster like 29 minutes or something crazy like that. That’s some I don’t mind about .21, actually. So here’s the one +9 and you can see is that this black color to it a little bit of a bluish hue.

The other items are what you come to expect in a one plus on boxing including a special note from one plus here’s the power brick I mentioned earlier, 65, what capabilities the same brachial plug-ins or wireless charger as well.

If you’re more of a wireless personnel and one plus also includes a specialty type C cable with the famous red one plus coloring. So here is the Pro model and you can see is a much different color that we have in front of us.

It’s a lighter and more mirror issue more reflective the camera layout obviously is different as well. There will be a black version which I don’t have in front of me apparently is going to have some sort of sparkle to it.

Hopefully will get a look at that at some time in the future. Otherwise you boxing experience is the same between both devices. This 65 W power brick for the Pro model.

The price is going be close for these two as well. They both featuring 120 Hz displays there, both featuring snapdragon AAA to so they’re pretty close, minus some slight camera differences.

How nice is it to see the warp charge indication when you plug in your device and you know it’s charging fast and they both have 120 Hz. As mentioned, you can clock that back down to 60 Hz if you want to save battery life.

I don’t think you should is a lot more going on here. Let’s take a beating isoleucine 120 Hz displays before one plus is a doing some special dynamically going all the way down to 1 Hz in certain circumstances for static images to save battery life so you don’t need to lock it at 60 Hz.

If your battery person course. I also have that classic hold switch on the side with the texture to it so you can tell the difference between the buttons without even looking.

I love textured, but how about that Hasselblad logo can’t wait to see the samples see what you’re capable of doing, especially with that color aiming at more role color representation instead of that super poppy saturated thing.

Although you don’t have to use the Pro mode so this can be options inside the application seeking tweak it to perform how you please bottom of the devices where you find your SBC connector your speakers over there so is your same tray about a sound test data display that will nine Pro will dip down to just one hertz.

This is first amongst smart phones you know to keep leaking different different specs to us. Yeah. So here’s a peek at how the later case fit onto 1+1+9 Pro is the cyber addition camera coverage superthin ultrathin people still message me say I can’t believe how thin it is on your classic classic gray and black Kevlar.

We but actually finish off a brand-new color here today available for more than just the one plus devices. Check the link in the description and possibly pick up some crimson look at that color. All right, so you guys know I’m a sucker for fast charging and I think I like wireless fast charging even more.

I just love the convenience of wireless. I’ve been using the previous version of this wireless charger on my desk for I guess a year. At this point, but you still got a little bit of advantage on the wire here 65 W.

As mentioned earlier, if you really need to top up quickly now about these cameras so Pro mode is where it’s at. You can tweak absolutely everything in your me if you seen a promo before you know how that goes. However, this is apparently where the Hasselblad expertise comes through and this is a quick comparison between how to camera our camera are sort of Pro camera that we used to shoot these videos compares to the smart phone camera can catch the difference in the bill here between two color balance and so forth is actually pretty aggressive.

What is capable of here now that is Pro mode. Another but can one use it and you don’t have to still have the automatic stuff you want to pop off quickly as you can see there’s a little versatility with your lens selection as well from telephoto to 1X course you have the ultra wide and that’s another part of the Hasselblad collateral.

Apparently, they were able to figure out a lens capable of limiting distortion on the edges of the frame in an ultra wide photo super macro is baked in there as well. He also got a have a night mode.

That’s a must and you can see smart phone capable of turning night and today they call it night skate far as video goes. You have K capabilities over here and he also got Shlomo Bilton this is 1080 P at 240 FPS about the national sauce from Jack shout out humming taste and one jack company and how about a beard test for old time sake.

EA can count a couple beard here. Ours was the importance of a high refresh display. Oh, I don’t know smoothness. Buttering this huge fan you are well aware, and I’m super happy with how these demos come through.

You can sense the butter through the slowing down of the video you got to slow down the video because the that you not watching the way your eyes will pick it up video content something when a comment saying all way to second if you have to slow it down and he is not real note because the frame rate a video that’s the part is not capable not your eyeballs.

I mean we got anyway so yeah fingerprint lock you got superfast face unlocked, though it doesn’t just happen to be optical only. As you know, any devices, I’m still a fan of having multiple unlocked methods whenever possible. How about that brand-new devices from one plus one +91+ nine Pro unboxed here on on box therapy. I hope you felt the therapy. Don’t forget to check out later case, if you want some ultraslim for one of these devices or different device. Thank you very much for what