We got the new LG grandma laptops plural. There’s three of them here. It’s very exciting. I’ve had this laptop in the past I’ve used it extensively is called the grand for good reason.

It is incredibly thin and light, impossibly thin and light is what is in your hand to get surprised that such a thing exists.

It’s really, truly, that like I think I was told earlier. We got some world record lightness given the form factor. This variety laptops.

What we have here is a WQ XGA IPS display we have, and I seven processor in an area 16 x 10 aspect ratio so you get that call display that you’re likely looking for for productivity up to 17 hours of battery life and I love this one.

We have thunderbolt built as well. Thunderbolt three which is a plus. In this particular farm and musical type for file transfer fast transfers and so forth.

They claim with the 17 inch model that it’s the same size as other 15.6 inch models come in at 1350 g and eliciting grant is called LG grant making it the world’s lightest 17 inch laptop with a 17 inch display breakdown two impounds yeah that’s blackjack a 17 inch model.

It actually comes in under 3 pounds at Quicken version 2.98 pounds. The 14 inch model is to point to the 16 inch model is 2.6 pounds three has so much experience with the 17 inch version of Michigan to put that aside for a moment and kick it off with a small bunch impossibly light going to pound 14 inch model figure these devices by five I 77UW you XGA 19 20 x 1200 eight gigs of RAM six and SSD storage okay laptop on the left, crazy, lightweight, also inside the image we have our power people and our power break.

Let’s remove the laptop sleeve so this one is the light color you’re going to find to be type a porous. There is a long connector, a microSD card slot and then over on the other side is where you find your new look thunderbolt three slots you have a headphone jack for analog audio in a full-size HDMI 4 as well as all packaged to point out okay.

lg grandma

We lift up the lid and uncovered two-tone look to it so we have black on the bezel up top and then white down below the print scanner built into the power switch which is a good spot for anyways.

You know I had to run a couple quick brown fox is on travel for something this then I could totally type on. Why don’t we move on to the slightly larger 16 inch model are people like 16 inch quality spot more resolution on this 125 60 x 1616 gigs of RAM, 1 TB envy any asset.

So we got a spec upgrades fingerprint and the fund report built in. This is a slightly different color. Actually, so we had the lightest version 1st.

This white model over here and now we have the silver ports wise were in similars information blocking section, a microSD card slot over the other side.

Same thing still have two thunderbolt three analog audio full-size aged five laptop you to get some work done 60 display .6 pounds. The trackpad scale and they have managed number here as well.

Over on the right-hand side. All right, let’s do a quick laptops that can get to the last model, which is probably the one I’ll end up using seven only lightweight 17 inch laptop line.

Also, I seven same as the 16 inch 25 60 x 1600, same resolution, all nice black and I don’t mind that two thunderbolt threes analog audio full-size HDMI port over the other side. Same story to use reports, microSD and walking aspects.

All right, let’s see what that looks like on black. It’s hard to find a completely simple black belt laptop welded. That’s exactly what we have here. Not a ton of logos or branding.

I kinda like that. Okay so this was booted up this display very vibrant 25 60 x 1617″ in height. As technology has will it certainly appears to have saturation contrast is glossing is ultimately it’s just a huge display for a laptop.

I use a lot and it always when I get back in front of a 17 inch model always striking because you just don’t see them frequently both heavy. Anyway else the launch of new features.

Today started with live rooms livens laws used to go live shopping and fun there or what as well. It’s hard to know where you can put your stuff this day and age where you publishing where you streaming it’s firing down towards the death estimate is bouncing off the desk.

It’s right. These little guys these little grills and you see the growth these little grills right there. That is where your sound is firing from.

Let’s try some music. It’s clear for dialogue. If you want to watch later. Let’s try some music out. Okay, maybe one for the children how to play so I made like this and it does have a little bit low into it, but the loudest I’ve ever heard a little bit low into it I think is sufficient for what it is especially considered weight of some work done.

You know where my going to be studying myself so much screen real estate. I could just go I could go snap this to one side, I can take another browser window that you know real estate 17 ancient other thing I should mention is not all about resolution exclusively because oftentimes I’ll end up with high-resolution laptop and it will be going in the scaling try to find a comfortable viewing situation font size scale sometimes well this is kind of a nice mix at 2567 trip so to 16 inch is actually new model for LG in the grand lineup holds the Guinness world’s lightest 16 inch laptop record has a compact side display size of 16 inches into the body .6 inch laptop all the new grand models come with 16 x 10 displaced to enhance productivity give you a little bit more height of the 17 inch and 16 inch model W few XGA resolution 25 60 x 600 IPS technology PCI P3 99% dammit and every single LG grant has Intel’s latest 11 Jen processors with Intel virus X graphics and also the entire lineup happens to be Intel TiVo certified RA.

So there you have it you are a person looking for thin and light laptop but you don’t want to give up screen real estate usability productivity. Things like this.

You’re probably looking at LG grant you’re probably looking at one of the if you want ultimate portability you go toward some like this or teenage model you want in between the banks. The hybrid you get what is the world’s lightest Guinness world record 16 inch laptop or you get the world’s lightest 17 if you want even more screen real estate.

Remember, it all comes in under 3 pounds which is a way of manhandling 2.9 some 2.62.2. You hardly notice it in the backpack. Thank during travel. Even just walking around the office I can hold this I can hold just like one finger. Okay, maybe two that I don’t know the quality ran for a reason