This is the family are looking for a year and got dinosaur and the dads got the Doritos. Forget your tiny 60 HDTV go to talk about projectors and probably one of the most powerful that I’ve ever featured your in a channel.

I have a 4K 1500 lm completely portable, self-contained unit. In this case, it’s all android TV inside of the device with Google assessment this thing is also a giant speaker unit three step into the backyard with some likeness as you see in his image right here and I’ll send you got a little makeshift movie theater without any wires or separate audio or even separate devices that you need to plug into it because of the android TV component.

It means you can have your apps you’re going to have your Netflix your YouTube you could watch this show. It’s a lot of flexibility in this unit over my right is the 1080 P model 900 lm full HD otherwise features are similar.

The focus of today’s action going to be the cosmos. Max and move on. The website itself 5000 different apps Hulu, Disney, plus you know about watching the Disney was Artie explained to you in the past when I watch you I see what I was with the kids last night I was on Netflix with school of rock and Jack Black.

cosmas max review

Oh my God, he was channeling all the energy available in the universe at any given time. I have a whole new appreciation shadow jet black truce. In my experience, 360 true 3D audio.

A new dimension of sound. I’m real curious about the sound behind me. You may have noticed that is a projection screen and it’s actually hundred and 20 inches.

So what working to do is see what type of image quality. We have are going to turn the lights down and see what were working with and look at this little set up.

They figured out they dismounted the thing right on the ceiling and called it a day. They got a comfy little room over here. This is the family you’re looking for here.

The kids got the dinosaur and the dads got the Doritos. Forget your tiny 60 HDTV go big with the cosmos colossal 150 inch 4K we only have 120 and they say you can blow it up 150 inches puny little 60s Gary about this set up almost anywhere horizontal plus -40° or vertical.

Interesting, different, from the side over here beside the couch, bachelor pad style. This unfit. I’m interested in this because you know companies have gotten so much better recently of figuring out how to pack actual series audio into small packages.

Small containers and you can see the audio make a fair number of speaker units and for what they’re calling immersive 360° now. The other part here since it is a projector you can kinda pick your projection size and so if you have only have the space for like 75 inches you can do that or you go all the way up to 150 is no anchor is a supporter of the channels they have provided discount codes for you guys can get up to $600 off use the code cosmos, UT and click the Amazon link in the description.

Depending on where you are that carbuncle could change like for example in the UK it’s cosmos UT two and three and one for Canada but anyway all the other details you to be in the description.

You can save 600 bucks on this one. You also I’ll do a giveaway. Why don’t I have excellent what is this another cosmos Max so I have to hear so if you want to be entered to win one of these.

Just leave your twitter handle in the comment section of this video I just pick somebody and all DMU on Twitter from my blue later, twitter handle and you can win quantities. Okay, we’ve covered most of the characteristics here.

We do have autofocus, which I didn’t mention here you can see the backyard set up that I’m talking about super quick and simple to set up really nice party scene over there. Keystone correction is also their severe surface is not perfectly flat.

It will attempt to correct that for you cool, low all right on boxing experience that is quite a shape. This looks futuristic linking UFO sort amazingly packed it all in there. This is a little party machine.

Imagine you had this during the Super Bowl. Imagine you had this during a pandemic and will extra functionality with your report. You can choose from here look at this Arezzo optical audio to use PA ports to HDMI ports and a power port so you don’t have to only use the android built in, although obviously that’s most convenient.

That’s what else you can do you can throw game console gaming PC into their vehicles. HDMI ports. That’s pretty cool and the speaker grill.

It goes all the way around the device lens on this thing looking low at the big piece of glass. For this reason bauxite like stars in my note also in the movie did it right to control her right to you don’t want scale smaller than this.

And how about a dedicated show you here. How about a dedicated Google assessment but I’m a big Google assessment and it’s pretty much the fastest way to navigate with voice. It’s also the fastest way to get answers to things volume up and down as a home switchbacks which settings button your directional pad power switch is on there as well.

Uses AA batteries. I’ll install those in a moment, but the power extension cable power brick slope. The paperwork that’s it.

Happy to see that apathy not happy or cool, so if you’re happy. Tell your friends and family. If you’re not happy, calls for support will make you happy will force you to be happy think at this point, we go and get it set way I’m instantly more relies all to know you will experience wonderful greenery and the freshest water on planet.

All right, so we got booted up now and my goodness that is a 120 inch screen is kind of off axis it’s over to the side a little bit and it’s doing the necessary adjustment to be flat on the display so I can have it to the left, but I can have a great site on the giant display. Now I do have a PlayStation there just because I want to see what I can do on a projector, but you don’t need it for a lot of content including YouTube and movies Netflix, Disney plus and so on.

As you can see on the screen over here so see the preinstalled apps but I can also get more. These are ones that I use the prime video spot up by YouTube music is in their a Disney plus if I click up here to get more apps I launch into Google play and it ain’t anything entering soul.

The flexibility is unbelievable. See, I’m curious about the search functionality. It is a way in which often with these various TV boxes and smart TVs and think that you you search around your device using voice because it’s more convenient than typing things out on a digital or a projected keyboard so let me say search YouTube for Sikora HZ chilled music while at some chili music right that another thing you might just want to set the mood a little bit mean it is a really decent speaker and my want to have the vibe going on over here by the way, got to give it a shout out to Sikora HZ.

This song is called chill you could check it out to a link in the description I can just put this on a just set the mood a little bit unaware. Our volume over here. My goodness, we’ve had more volume yeah yeah okay all right this imbalance to exist.

Somehow they got some low-end daypacks and low-end in their with the projection. It’s the whole party figured out is the wholesale zone. It’s called chill mode watch them on box therapy man assistant is so good assisting is so good it’s a big display and if you try to do a display.

This scale without going to projector room while you pretty much can’t and must spend an absolute boatload of money for K Norway. How clean is Norway though is something about a projector. It still has a lot to it which you appreciate you were used to it.

Psychologically, you know, in the movie theater. It’s an event. The projector is an event and they’re finally his knees at a point now where they simplify the process. It’s April. Previously there was some friction around getting the content on a wall that solved put android on then peripherals plug in the speakers you know all these things that have now been kind of woke solved with a device like this and then to get the 4K on it as well so your getting things in a resolution that you’re used to on your TV and not having to step down too far.

With that I can just imagine a sporting event. I can imagine a movie night. It’s a fun time. It is all in one package you could travel with a view because all you do is pack up the one unit of power cable and you’re good to go.

You don’t necessarily even need this projection screen that I have here. If you have a white wall somewhere perfect. If you have an extra sheet in the closet perfect. Make a thing about it.

I have some fun may be please have some fun. So yes it does have everything you need in order to get Netflix on here, I had to download the nebula manager for some reasons a little tidbit for you if you’re wondering where Netflix is imparts and look at that PlayStation five or HDMI to click on PlayStation five and you can see 4K 60 Hz as well and I 4K 60 AMI that’s what you looking for anyways right for your NexGen console are people were thinking about upgrading the displays playing a larger format.

Once you start dealing with 4K resolution. You can go bigger. Yes, the weather is gaining or watching content. Newport ever HDMI source you want into here.

You don’t need external devices. The power and get content to let what you have the option, which I like that look is a lot of options. I know they make a number of different models that share these features depending on a price point that you’re looking for. This is obviously the premium model so you get that extra resolution you get that improved down but if you’re looking for something more in the budget end of the spectrum they have those devices to some of them even more portable that still have the answer to be stuff built in so you can check the variety of options, but ultimately for the movie theater like experience.

The 4K really pays off and so does the audio performance. In fact, moments before we started rolling. We had the we had some Netflix how we had a movie on it.

Everybody was just completely focused on the screen talking about how there’s something about a projector is the movie theater nostalgia if there’s any event associated with it, and is a certain look to it, which TVs don’t really do this.

Great TVs out there but a projector could be something special and he can really set the mood crane event. Make a party and so forth. So this is the nebula because most smacks you can check it out to the link in the description and don’t forget the discount code all the details are down there. You can save up to 600 bucks to check that out