Do you understand how deeply entrenched you will be calm if you dare make this purchase. These things live to sell and keep you and hold you constrained within the Apple ecosystem.

You will never climb out of it. I promise it’s scary when you start to think about what after my pull-up is right you have specific mix is set up in advance by the artist or producer for the headset you listening Wells has the power Wells has the connections in a handshake necessary to potentially deliver the I’m just talking right now it finally happened.

I finally got my hands on the brand-new air pods max from Apple. That’s a lot of them as well. I could just get one not at this point had been waiting so long as like you know what I want to show to people every single color because I kind of thing is a big part of Apple’s identity right now is the color selection.


Whether it’s phones or headphones which is seen so many options and it’s well it’s it’s tickling people in all the right ways. I just wanted to show them all to you and I thought, why don’t we have in a boxing extravaganza so we do have to agree with you have the pink we do have this over what he called his space gray.

I mean, it’s not quite black yeah calls base rate and then we also have the blue ones overhand right. And by the way, I picked up the super premium lightning to 3.5 mm audio jack cable because this doesn’t come in a box.

Unfortunately, if you do you want to use a wired connection in order to listen to audio and I read that you cannot use third-party cables. This is a specialty cable that is necessary for this purpose can use just a regular lightning to minijack.

They will find on Amazon. You need apples cable new recommended to you when you go to purchase one of these using 550 Lou you St. excuse me, I like to have a cable and all various adapters and truthfully I don’t think Apple even want to use this.

I think they want you to be fully wireless. These things these headphones are ultimately perform their best and be in their zone when they’re used with iOS devices using an old-fashioned analog connection.

I know it just doesn’t seem seem nearly as futuristic. I’m getting just under just on box. Some of these I’m gonna listen maybe to a couple of them and get to the bottom of this holding is the purpose of this, what a fresh monochrome would open my ID watch a few videos but you know what I’m to try to treat it as clean as possible.

Here the box. A very simple experience. Oh my goodness, I just exposed the most controversial component in the un-boxing experience and will just go with the product in general.

Be smart. Case person looking thing which will which is has people all fired up. It has the whole community just right fired up. They can’t take it they can’t stand it.

I really care that much. You know it’s funny. Maybe everybody else got angry enough for me that I don’t really need to get angry all over again. One thing that does kinda bug me is the fact that in order to put the headphones immediately into low-power mode you have to insert them into the case instead of having some sort of manual turn off switch.

Now they will eventually go to sleep after five minutes if they’re laying on the table without the case is something Apple didn’t really make clear initially and then they put out a statement. I think today actually stating that that would take place.

I wish there was some kind of manual override or an option will toggle switch if you did want bee stings to go to sleep a bit faster. Depending on which any get used to the fact that you now your purse guy you pay a lot of money here know I wasn’t there to pay a lot of money to pay 550 will I paid more than 550 but if you buy this you paid $550 Mike K’s strong scent wrong sent.

Mills like industry smells like $1 trillion company on the holidays. Let me take this out here. Oh, it is heavy.

I have heard this people saying Vanderbilt. Have you got like 100 g. On top of those world-famous XM force from Sony which I personally use and I can tell the weight difference right away.

I don’t how much of it case, but it is not hard, look, listen, I’m given a fair shake. Is it so funny the way they did that, I will presented every part was been some senior level person designer where they were like absolutely that’s the future right there.

It’s an accessory you’re gonna own it with pride. Obviously, many have mentioned within seen that this doesn’t do somebody job you would expect for a case to do as far as protecting any fights you have a lot of exposure around your cups here in the head then is fully exposed.

If you did throw this in the bag claim that some delicate shrink pulled some, like the one have a pen in that bag got a lot of things going on, pull this out okay as they have oh so the case also works to stop them from doing this which kind of funny.

They do that by default. I wonder Each other. Yes, so this is my theater or I don’t think so. It does have a nice soft microfiber interior.

But all in all the I don’t know what my expectation was for this material. Here it probably feels a little bit less robust than I expected. The diesel protectors were you delicate you pop them out quite nice looking indicator stitched right left the ear pads and cells magnetically attached.

Funny enough, funny enough, not funny at all, they’ll sell you your cups replacement your cups or different color your cups. I believe $69 which is as much as some otherwise the design is nice.

Maybe if you had of included an extra set in error, we could have been very happy about that, with the easy replacement as far as adjustment is concerned, we have this little slighty aspect is little sliding piston piece is no clicking or ratcheting going on, which is a nice touch.

It’s all metal and aluminum in the design very premium liquor on a device will see your lightning connector on the bottom two charges up I thinking get like an hour and 1/2 of usage out of a five minute charger does have some fast charging in there, so there was some hope that you go to USB type C because you might hold onto them for like five years and lightning is likely to be dead.

Five years from now. But anyway, for now it’s a lightning connector yes have microphones all over these things are not just for noise cancellation, but also for the transparency mode and I’m such a big fan of on a variety of FO products that currently exist, including Apple’s very own air pods Pro interacting with the headphones.

No touch controls on the outside. Instead it’s can it be this digital crown and similar to the watch but a bit larger. It’s kind of unusual locations with be on the backside all incident seems to be in transparency.

By default I hear my own voice so very clearly right. It’s uncanny and there’s no lag that transparency mode is likely superior to the transparency mode on my Sony XM force. I have to say so.

Initial impressions there either. Definitely comfortable I should try without the hat as well. I want to test this mesh headband.

It’s a little wider than your typical headband and it does help, but it is a heavy headphones. It’s a heavy headphones will tell you that right now.

Tried a number of headphones. What is comfortable is comfortable. As of right now. Also inside the package. You’ve got your usual paperwork.

There’s no Apple stickers or anything like that below that we have our only accessory in the package which is a lightning to USB type C cable that’s all you charges up need to bring your own power brick to the party.

Some tells me if you can afford a 550 in the headphones. The 35 foot cable is not enough that you set you off needed to say. It’s sad but true.

Why don’t we go for something more flashy now like this pink color. The official name here pink with red headband interest.

Our just call your purse. I mean that’s what it looks like it’s the kind of direction that red has gone for Apple with the phones on things and keeps on moving towards an orange Jewish coral thing pink thing, but in this case, the actual headphones are kind of a nice tone. It’s the Rose metallic type of color are people going to flex these headphones that is the question we going to see them flexed in public or is it just strictly at home flex reflex to yourself in the mirror.

Maybe I could just snap off the right year your cup on the pink one and write your cup on a silver one, and you could even go one and one anywhere talk about style. After all, were talking about flexing this could be the ultimate scenario possible to select one if I could only get one because to me it’s an unusual color for a gadget and it’s darker the headset is actually darker than I expected it to be.

That’s a nice you could call that a nice blue bar access to space gray and yeah next to to talk to say no to me, just simple if you were going to design this thing and draw and dried up in advance.

I don’t know I just feel like it will probably come out of your head in space. Gray is only green beans to be seen.

Now this one is interesting that is very mean that headband is the mentee is green I’ve ever seen in my entire life, so that is an interesting color combo. Can’t say I would buy it. However, it has some attitude to it has energy to it, which is not paying and not blue because those two energies are well understood the pink and blue energy to green energy is far more mysterious and then it’s almost all of inside the year comes I mean it there crazy make all these choices.

This was the case, is a just not even like your cup or the head but this case is its own thing is like an army green, almost soap the green ones are definitely a wildcard. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I guess we might as well open up the cable because I have been told that this is a special table and this is why you cannot use the third-party cables that exist out there. I don’t know if there’s a DAC inside of this cable, or why it unlocks this functionality were the others don’t.

Is it more intelligent. This cable is it made by Apple so it is a thin wire know how long is that about 4 feet if you did want to.

You would be doing this and then all you know where you would have to use this is if you work were going to find an airplane and you want to connect the entertainment system on the airplane. It typically are not compelled to connect via wireless so you would use this into here into the airplane set up for maybe possibly still be to go into a secondary adapter from here.

I’m glad the at least make this play. It’s a bit of this thing certainly got a 35 extra you know what, maybe I should just put this in the box just for what it for what it is. Maybe they should just put that in the box.

This cost Apple one dollar to make okay yes Apple magic PC that is $550 that’s what is all about right there I’m into the noise cancellation right now my own voice is very muffled. Kirk’s task is barely there me if you say it’s canceled but it’s not complete fishbowl canceled just one, but it’s either noise canceling transparency and it’s a single tab they try to simplify the only other control I think you have you have not control, and then you have your volume toggle which makes a clicking noise to a little bit sounds fine.

It’s a lot going on. There’s all kinds of little enhancements happening and it’s very difficult because how could you make the most out of a wireless experience.

If you’ve just admitted okay fine you walk in Apple’s way is by putting smart chips inside of each your cup in order to do the computational magic variety of each human spatial awareness and all the rest bit to try to enhance your experience.

That’s all fine and well when it comes to consumption. When you try to get immersed in an experience or try to watch a movie Giving a magic trick but Montana where he stings on Final Cut Pro timeline you get a little bit worried about whether you’re hearing the actual thing or not.

Because there’s all kinds and what I can hear the EQ I can hear the interpretation and the enhancements from on the winter wonderland tract as Johnny Mathis right that he feels magical right okay let me let me don’t go to the pop music.

I know you you guys want me to the pop music. I don’t what’s the song of the year a lot around a lot a low-end I mean that’s what you’re doing right. That’s what they’re doing and he scooped it out in the middle.

Those are the tactics that gives you the dynamics. That’s what the average person a pickup up or have Ozzie say what I sound Wi-Fi. Go and you know into something some classical or something.

This experience here doesn’t feel like a $550. Question is, if I were an Apple music or not Apple music subscriber, I just signed up to Apple music you guys are right upright and you have to do that but whatever I don’t think this thing is tuned up for you know some Mozart, but I’m just getting going say in his limited experience right here this is it.

You know electronic pop music is a 2020 thing for the most part right now. However, however, let’s not forget my reaction to my first experience with spatial audio technology which is completely unique that a category all book of if I turn my head being is talking in the movie the baby stays here here in your brain is doing some weird analysis of the how realistic the source of audio is based on your ability to pinpoint your impression of where that’s source exists.

It sounds so subtle and unnecessary, but when you experience it. It’s like it’s something to it is a movie theater some movie theater in your pocket. That’s the killer functionality. That’s the killer feature as far as I’m concerned, that’s the big difference maker compared to anything else.

I tried however I do need to try the wire. I did spend $35 on a lightning to minijack cable so I’m I will try to see if anything changes. This part where did that go and then does it automatically switch over.

I wonder we go like this. Go back on yet I am a little bit of a difference on the wire my son a little bit better. To me, and holy moly comprehensive.

I don’t know, this is it such a tough product right it’s like to to come into a new segment like over the ear headphones to come in at a price point of 550 with your first product. It just feels a little bit conceited, and particularly in 2020 is maybe disposable income isn’t school readily available right now is a headphone sitting here today.

I can’t possibly tell most people go out and spent five. This is not can change your life in a 550 Dollars Way a second if you like a new PlayStation.

If you’re on offense. You do not need to run out and get it if you Artie knew you wanted it before you clicked on it you still want and should probably just find a way to get it. I guess that’s how this whole thing works. I don’t know you like something, you get it feel special for minute of been doing that for a while: box therapy I can keep doing